Yuntaa is a milestone in the means of online storage. This application provides one of the most convenient and secured ways to create back ups of important files, registry, folders, directories etc. They also have excellent provisions to allow users to store, share and later access their files online. In other words, all the data that is saved in your computer can be stored in the online realm and can be easily accessed as and when required.

By users and makers of this application, Yuntaa is touted as one of the safest data storage options available today. You can easily stock your files for storage anytime and through any system. Its key feature, Yuntaa Manager, allows you to ensure a back up of your private and important data by generating online copies. After the free installation of this application, users can directly send across the desired files for online storage and synchronize them for making further changes. This is one of the most apt applications for users who have consistent needs for managing storage facilities for their important and private data.

The easy-to-use inbuilt storage and restoration features make the interface of Yuntaa extremely accessible. This application also offers the provisions of online file sharing over social network sites and blogs. One of the most striking advantages of this application is that it allows users to access their online stored file from any part of the world. It makes processing and storing files, complying with all the security codes, a child’s play.

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