Easy Ways To Unblock and Access Gmail

Now days, you will find one of the most popular email solutions, Gmail being blocked in some places. Mostly, this service has been blocked by administrators at offices, school, colleges and etc. Now, there are several ways with which you can unblock this service and get access in the blocked computers. 

Following are the top, easy and quick methods to unblock Gmail at your school or office.

Unblock Gmail by Typing URL in a different manner

Gmail can be well accessed by using some other URLs, it is not necessary to type www.gmail.com only to access Gmail. First, make sure if your administrator has blocked www.gmail.com domain. You can still access Gmail with the help of following URLs:

  1. http://m.gmail.com
  2. https://gmail.com
  3. http://mail.google.com
  4. http://google.com/mail
  5. http://googlemail.com
  6. https://mail.google.com

Using Gtalk to Access Gmail

If your system administrator has blocked only Gmail without blocking Gtalk then open Gtalk and login to your Gtalk account. You will find small icon of Gmail. This icon will present in the bottommost part of Gtalk interface. Click on that icon and you will be directly navigated to Gmail interface.

Use Gmail Proxies to Access Gmail

In case your system administrator has blocked all the ways to open Gmail and has made it awfully challenging, you can gain access by simply using the proxy websites. Following is the list of proxies with which you can surf Gmail at restricted or blocked places.



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