Easy Viewing of Documents with ThinkFree Viewer

So many a times while browsing over the internet we come across certain documents that we need to view or edit, but we may not have the Office Suite installed into our systems.

At such the situation seems really difficult as the only solution we then have is to install the Office Suite or download the document into another computer that has the Office Suite. However, these solutions are no longer required as Firefox has a feature known as the ThinkFree Viewer.

The ThinkFree Viewer is a solution provided by ThinkFree that is ideal for situations when the Office Suite is installed in a system. This allows the user to view all the documents that are of the Windows Office file format, directly from the internet. This tool is installed as an add-on in Firefox.

It is very easy to view documents like word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets using ThinkFree Viewer. All you have to do is right click on the link of the document and select ‘View with ThinkFree’ from the context menu and your job is done.

The document will take some time to load in the Firefox Browser, depending upon the speed of your internet connection. Once it opens up in the viewer, you are free to format it in any desired manner. You can also print out the document. The interface of the viewer is built on the grounds of the Microsoft Office which makes it very easy to work on it.

Some versions of ThinkFree Viewer have come up, but it’s still in the experimental stage. New versions are being released every now and then.

[ Download ThinkFree Firefox Addon ]

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