This is one of the coolest feature I noticed in the the latest version of Firefox(version 3.0). I admit, I am a book mark freak. I am one of those, who browses crazily (stumbles a lot rather), find a lot of interesting ‘must read’ material, but I often procrastinate and bookmark it promising myself to read it as soon as possible.

You should look at the number of bookmarks I have on my system, they easily run to a few hundreds !! (I an write a book full of interesting, must visit / read links !)

Now the biggest problem was to search for a particular bookmark that I know is saved in the bookmarks, but searching through that huge list, man that will be a battle. But Firefox makes my life easy. The inbuilt feature in Firefox makes searching easier than you can imagine.

Unlike the conventional way, you can search your History or bookmarked links based on the title tags of the URLs, along with the actual URL.

For example I had watched a video on YouTube and the song was ‘Summane summane‘, so to play this video all I had to do was enter ‘youtube summane‘ in the address bar and Firefox pulled out the relevant and last used URLs !

Effective History And Bookmark Searching In Firefox

If you have tons of bookmarked URL, and you remember a word or two from the ‘title’ of a particular URL you are searching for, firefox will do the rest and help you digg out the exact URL from the huge list !


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