Want to go see the latest high-tech video games, state of the art gaming equipment, and technology you’ve never even dreamed of before along with beautiful women in skimpy outfits showing you around? I bet you do. Welcome to the E3 Expo (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

The expo takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 7th-9th. This convention is a way for hundreds of companies, software developers, programmers, and video game developers to come and show off their latest products and it all revolves around computer and video games.

Some of the companies and their products that you can see here at the expo include: Majesco Entertainment with Pet Zombies 3DS and BloodRayne Betrayal XBLA; ATLUS with Catherine, Rock of Ages, ub3D, and Trine 2; Bethesda Softworks LLC with Prey 2; BGRMODS with an Illuminating Thumbstick; COG Publish Limited with War of Glory Online and hundreds of other companies with various games and devices.

The E3 expo, which is short for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, first began years ago in 1995. The very first convention featured Sony’s brand new video game system, the PlayStation (read about Sony Playstation Hack here), and was the company’s first step into the video game industry. Now you are able to find numerous other companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and many more.

So, who can go to this amazing unveiling of the latest technology and games at the expo?

Unfortunately the general public is not permitted to attend 🙁 ; only the people directly related to the gaming industry are able to go. That includes: programmers, buyers and sellers, software developers, manufacturers, researchers, media, importers and exporters, and anyone else related to this industry. You also have to prove that you are eligible to attend. There is an online application process to register and once you have been validated to attend you will receive a badge that must be shown when you arrive at the convention.

The E3 convention premiers the future of technology and games. It hosts numerous companies and has thousands of products on display. You can be sure that all of the big names in the gaming industry will be there, and hundreds of others as well. if you are one of the lucky attendees then you can expect to be blown away by the exhibitions. Unfortunately many will not be able to attend this amazing convention, but they can still view live coverage and some of the exhibits on the E3 website.

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