Get Access To Your Gmail in Offline Mode

Have you ever imagined getting access your important mails in Gmail account when you are disconnected with internet? There is special feature available in your Gmail account that allows you to enable this function. Additionally you will be enabled to use all features of Gmail account in offline mode such as Labels, Trash, Search, Sent, Chat, Draft, etc.

Offline Gmail doest not download mails on your computer, so your inbox will be remain as it is while you can read and compose mails in offline mode.

Currently Offline Gmail is available in US English language interface. All you need to do is just enable this feature in your account, and you will start reading your important mails in offline mode. Here is a tutorial to enable the offline Gmail function in your Gmail account.

  1. Initially enter ID and password to login to Gmail.
  2. Navigate to settings> Labs. Or just click on the shortcut icon beside “settings” option in your account.
  3. Now just mark the option Enable under offline lab.
  4. Now click on “Save Changes” button when you are done.
  5. Gmail will display you new interface tab where you need to click on Offline link.
  6. Now Gmail interface will prompt you to allow this function or not. You need to make sure that you click on “I trust this site. Allow it to used” in Gmail Gears tab.
  7. Click on the Next option to continue enabling process of Offline Gmail.
  8. Now you will be prompted to specify the location where you want to place shortcut of offline Gmail access – Start Menu, Desktop, and Quick Launch Bar. Once you selected one of them, press OK to continue.
  9. Now Gmail start synchronizing your mails in the background of your account saliently.

  10. Once synchronization process will be completed, you can access to your Gmail account in offline mode.



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