Enable Aeroshake Feature To Minimize Unfocused In Windows XP And Vista

Windows 7 has been introduced with the new feature known as AeroShake. Using AeroShake you can minimize all unfocused windows in the background simply by shaking a working window with the mouse gesture. When you shake the window again, all the minimized windows are restored and then reopened original opened state and location.

The Aero Shake function is very useful and can be enabled in Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Just you have to shake back and forth by holding the left click on windows title bar, it automatically minimizes all the opened windows. Repeat the action again; minimized windows will be magically restored to its previous state.

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AeroShake feature is developed and written by bobbo33 in Auto Hotkey code. For reader’s beneficiary, new version of AeroShake 1.4 is compiled by MDL. To get excellent results, you can tweak some configuration options in AeroShake. For example, the option available for distance include calculation of the number which decides a space for mouse to travel and this space is called as “shake”. If you want to move mouse too much, you should reduce this value.

In addition to this, you can customize the title bar height (it is the vertical distance measured from the top of selected window), plus Quick Minimize (sets the animation effect for minimization). All these settings are changed on the configuration file named as AeroShake.ini. The configuration file is accessible via Settings and then right click context menu of an AeroShake icon situated in System Tray.


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