If you are a Windows XP or Windows Vista or a Windows 7 user, you must have noticed that whenever you try to enter into your Windows, you are greeted with a welcome page which prompts you to enter your admin or users password. Entering the correct password is necessary to log on to Windows. This procedure is specially introduced to ensure security and privacy of your data.

Many of us find this process to be a bit annoying or irritating, especially when you are the only one who accesses the system. If you did not know, there is a way to avoid it. Windows offers an option of personalizing your computer to allow automatic login to Windows, with no need to enter a password.

The following links (will open in new window), will teach you how you can auto login to your system:

1> Auto login / logon to Windows XP.

2> Auto login / logon to Windows Vista.

3> Auto login / logon to Windows 7.

After you have made the above mentioned settings, Windows will allow you to enter into your user account without prompting you to type any password.


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