Enable Internet On Your Iphone As Tethering Wireless Modem

The Internet tethering feature has been now introduced by Apple in iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPhone 3G S of the latest firmware software version iPhone OS 3.0. With this Internet tethering feature, you could use your iPhone like a dongle device or wireless modem. Thence, you could connect it to your PC or a notebook computer for surfing and browsing over the Internet. By default, for the business purpose, the Internet tethering facility has been blocked or disabled. Mostly all of the mobile network operators or carriers tend to charge additional cost for taking privileges of Internet tethering.

However, some service plans provided by particular mobile network operators allows limited bandwidth or sometimes unlimited data downloads. Now, you could easily enable Internet tethering on your iPhone with the help of simple hack. To apply this hack, your iPhone should be jailbroken first. You could enjoy Internet tethering without spending extra money from your pocket. iPhone OS software 3.0 has inbuilt support of Internet tethering gateway. While updating your iPhone with this latest update, you could apply this simple hack for iPhone OS 3.0 upgrader which enables the Internet Tethering on your iPhone. To do so, you don’t have to pay a single cent or any type of subscription fee to the mobile network service provider.

Follow Simple Steps given below for Enabling Free Internet on iPhone Version 3.0

  1. Open Safari browser in your iPhone.
  2. Optionally, you could use the Mobileconfig Generator to create your own mobileconfig files having custom username, APN and password, just go to http://help.benm.at/help.php.

Most of the times, it is better to go to the link given below directly because the configuration files of mostly all mobile carriers seems to be prepared here. When you visit this link, just click on the Mobileconfigs.

  1. Go to the following Mobileconfigs site:




  • Pick your country name from list.

  • Select appropriate mobile service provider.

  • Now to install new profile, you have to click on “Install”.

  • Click on “Install Now” and your new profile will be downloaded and installed.

  • Under your iPhone GUI, click on Settings then General then Network and then Internet Tethering.

  • Enable Internet Tethering by setting it to On.

  • You will be prompted if your Bluetooth is off, select the option as Turn on Bluetooth or USB Only as your preference.

  • The Internet tethering will be enabled from now. Just connect your iPhone to computer via Bluetooth or USB cable. Try starting an Internet session you’re your iPhone as tethered modem of Internet gateway. It will provide you a typical connection speed of mobile broadband. The speed will be usually up to 1.4 Mbps. Your iPhone will be temporarily glowing blue.

Note: Tethering the computer using the USB to iPhone for accessing the Internet is pretty simple. Operating systems such as Mac or Windows recognizes the tethered iPhone automatically. After recognizing, a required network connection will be created so that, you could take the advantage from the shared Internet access on your iPhone. When you connect via Bluetooth connection, you have to select “Connect to Network” from the option Bluetooth device instead of normal pairing. You could then access Internet from notebook/laptop or desktop computer with the help of your tethered iPhone.

In fact, the iPhone owner could perform this hack manually. The link to download profile offers convenient and easiest mode of activating the Internet Tethering simply. You could get the collection of all publicly available information like APN (access point name) password from BenM.at. It includes settings of many mobile networks around the world. It is able to create the profile based on XML format using iPhone Configuration Utility in Apple. When you download the profile, the hosted configuration for iPhone tethering will be tagged to your iPhone. It instantly enables tethering system without any cost.

In some cases, few of the iPhone users may notice that the VVM (Visual Voicemail) and/or MMS is not working after installing the new downloaded Internet tethering enabled profile. To fix this error, just navigate to Settings and then General. Now select Reset and then Reset Network Settings. Once applied this short setting, you would be able to use Voicemail, MMS and Internet tethering iPhone.


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