Locate Folders Quicker in Windows Vista

Windows Explorer has come up with a new solution to locate folders faster and easier in your system. This is known as the quick search option. This makes it less time consuming to search for any particular folder and it is easy to use. The folder view option in Windows Explorer is used for typing in the name of the folder that we need to locate.

As we type in the letters one by one, the system will go on searching through all the folders, files, and sub folders names that match the typed in letters. As the matching is done letter by letter, the number of matches keeps decreasing as we proceed. All the folders and files whose name’s letters match are highlighted. Eventually only that file or folder is left whose name completed matches what we have typed down to the last letter.

If you have a huge collection of files and folders in your system then is the best way of locating any particular item. All you have to do is simply type the name in the folder view.

Windows Vista and the newer versions support this feature. Here you can enable the automatic search box feature. When the user types into the search box, a separate window opens up that displays all the folders and files that match what we have typed into search.

The folders are not highlighted sequentially, but displayed simultaneously. A link is made from the folder view to the search box, so that when you start typing in the folder view, the control automatically shifts to the search box.

If you need to enable this feature just follow these simple steps: Open Windows Explore and click on organize to get a drop down menu. Select the Folder and Search Options. Click on the view tab, and select the radio button that says “Automatically type into the search box” and your quick search will be enabled.


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