Enjoy Videos Fullscreen via Quietube

Watching and enjoying video clips, trailers and movie videos from sites like Vimeo, YouTube etc is a very common trend amongst youngsters and elders alike. The experience gets more enjoyable nowadays as you can stream the movie clips and enjoy them in your wide screen flat television.

The experience is not all that smooth as most of the video sharing websites are advertisement supported. Thus, the screen displaying the video is pretty small compared to the actual screen size because of the user comments, advertisements, ratings and other related videos. Such added and unnecessary features reduce the fun of enjoying full screen videos.

Quietube, a free webservice frees you from these inconveniences and allows you enjoy videos fullscreen without any useless comments, ratings and other advertisements. It allows users to view YouTube and other videos on blank pages without any distractions.


It is extremely simple to use and implement. You just have to drag the Quietube bookmark onto the toolbar from the website. After doing so you will see a new bookmark added on to the toolbar. The next time you want to view a video from YouTube or other video sites, just click the Quietube button on the toolbar and enjoy fullscreen videos on a blank page.

The process is extremely simple as it imports the embedded code and pastes it onto a blank page. Quietube also allows you to change the background to black color instead of the default white one. This service is currently supported by Vimeo, YouTube and Viddler.


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