Social networking often brings to mind Facebook, Google +, or some other similar website where you connect with friends and family. Not many people think about connecting with people who need time, money, and the support of other helpful individuals to accomplish great tasks, but a new business social networking site called Rock The Post is about to change this.

Rock The Post takes volunteering, donating and investing to the next level and integrates it with social networking and blogging. Instead of people asking for donations and volunteers at stores and street corners, they are now able to share their story to thousands and thousands of people via a post on Rock The Post. The people at Rock The Post can then choose to donate their time (or money) to the person’s cause and become a part of something greater.

There are many successful stories on Rock The Post and a multitude of posts that were recognized, donated to, and closed due to the completion of the projects. Some posts are heartbreaking and pull at every fiber of humanity for people to assist, others are innovative and inspire people to donate / invest as they realize it will be great, and many posts are a combination of the two. One man on Rock The Post simply needed a life coach or a consoler to talk with him and help him figure out some things in his life, another post was a request for money to help get a brewing company started, and yet another was on a woman with M.S who needed some funds for a blog to support her family.

To join Rock The Post you simply have to complete a short registration and you are accepted – no fees or other miscellaneous questionnaires. Once you are registered you can then create your own post, speak about your business plan and request help, or you can browse through the multitude of others and assist a person in need.

The truly magical thing about Rock The Post is that there is no set donation amount. Even if you just donate a dollar to help these individuals, it lets them know that there are others out there who believe in them and who want them to succeed. Additionally your time is far more valuable and you can be part of something great by volunteering an hour or two to another individual.

At Rock The Post every minute volunteered, every penny donated, means the world to someone and can change their lives forever. To find out more about Rock The Post, view some of the posts on their site, or register, go to their website here: Rock The Post .


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