Ever since, computers have been around so have viruses and ever since email has been around so has spam mail. It is almost an unavoidable part of having a PC that one has to deal with these problems. However, one can use anti-virus or anti-spam applications.

But all these application need to be done at different times and require that the individual do it personally, causing a lot of inconvenience. While, downloading these applications takes a lot of time and effort. However, this problem has been solved by coming of the ESET smart security Public Beta, it has all the applications that are required to protect the PC from being ruined by external problems, its features are considered good for a computers safety.

It is what is called an integrated security solution It includes anti spy ware, antivirus, anti spam, personal firewall and other security solutions. While some competitive solutions purport to have similar functionality, ESET has developed a unique approach that provides true and full integration of point security solutions.

However, the key difference is that the modules under ESET, are available to communicate with each other. This has proved helpful to both professional and personal computers, as all types of computers need protection. The availability of all these applications makes the PC literally a fortress from external spam and viruses. ESET Smart Security Public Beta 2, is going to have many takers that want their PC to be protected. Especially, those who like to keep their information secure.

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