Use “Everything” For Searching Files/Folders On Your PC Instantly

Whenever you need to find a missing file or folder on your PC, you normally use search function which effectively searches files or folders with the help of the criteria provided by you. But slowly as the storage capacity of your local files and directories grows bigger, things start getting complicated and the searching capability of the search function goes down.

If you feel that your search function is not delivering the desired output, you may try out “Everything” which is a powerful searching utility. “Everything” search tool offers a fast searching capability and is able to locate a file or folder by filename.

Its interface is quite user-friendly and you need to type a keyword or simply the partial file/ folder name and “Everything” search utility displays everything associated with it instantly along with other details such as directory paths, size and modified date. It allows you to match case, path or the whole word which in turn makes searching more accurate.

Apart from all this, incase you aren’t very sure of the proper keyword, “Everything” search utility allows you to enable “Regex” to enhance searching. In contrast to other searching mechanisms which take time to build up their database, “Everything” does it pretty quickly by indexing the file and folder names within seconds.


For example, “Everything” is said to have a capacity of indexing a newly installed Windows XP operating system at the rate of 20,000 files per second. So, you can easily gauge how useful this tool could be. This software is entirely standalone and can be easily carried along anywhere in a thumb drive for use with another PC.

“Everything” search utility is genuinely a great tool for searching files/ folders on your PC instantly. It supports most Windows Operating Systems including Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003. This utility, being a freeware can be easily downloaded from Here, free of cost.

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