Exit / Escape Full Screen Firefox?

How can I escape / exit full screen in Firefox?

My cat accidentally jumped on my keyboard and at that point Firefox browser was open. I have no idea which keys it stepped on, but my Firefox changed mode to full screen.

However, I managed to come out of the full screen mode of Firefox.

To exit full screen mode of Firefox, please press the “F11” (Function 11) key.

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  • another use for F11

    HELP! on my compute F11 is the mute key, ctrl+F11 and shift+F11 dont work either; wat do i do?

  • another use for F11

    @another use for F11
    never mind i got it :))

  • lol

    @another use for f11 bro use the a avvesibilty keyboard called ON SCREEN EKEYBOARD yeah im druk so waht

  • help me! my little sister press something and the facebook become into big letters

  • Alice

    to escape you just press the little icon the makes screens big or small – it’s the one in the top right between the ‘-‘ and the ‘x’ -I panicked and found it by chance!

  • William


    THANK YOU. This was very disorienting, especially since Steve Jobs already assigned other useless functions to the F11 key.

  • Cookies

    Thank you. How do we resize the screen? Like in Chrome, there’s a zoom button. :/

  • bob

    just move to your mouse to the upper right corner then click minimize then it will not be in full screen. Also I cant press my F11 either because its the mute All my fuctions are blocked on my Hp mini Help!

  • kitkat

    thx! i finally got out of full screen!!!!!!!11111

  • Che

    @another use for F11
    how did you do it ? cause mine is the mute button as well

  • Jenna

    It wont work for me!

  • thanks

    thanks it worked-da f11 thing.thank u.if urs is the mute button den………………………………………………………………………………………bad luck!

  • asfasfas

    IF your function keys have other uses, hold the function button then hit F11. Funtion is the fn button located between ctrl and your windows key.

  • Christine

    to exit full screen, open a tab page. Right click on google, and select “open as regular tab.” This should stop the tab from opening in full screen every time.

  • Christine

    There are several icons on the tab page, select the google icon is what I meant to say. You can also right click and remove icons on this tab page.

  • i_tanova

    will be great if they put confimation and explanation how to return in normal mode every time you change it.

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