Expanding Ads Format with Google Adsense

As the days pass by, Google is getting way better and better and so are their services. Google Adsense is launching new expandable ad format. Once you click on the advertisement or even bring the mouse pointer over the ads, it gets bigger in size. Though it is for US ads in the beginning, but it will be surely spread over the whole world. This is one nice way of highlighting their advertiser’s contents, and it is expected to give better exposure to the advertisements, a true value edition.

As it could get a bit annoying or disturbing as the ads expands whenever the mouse points over the ads, so as Google decided to skipped that function. Now only and only if someone clicks on the ads it will be expanded. For the ads of games or video clips or even for the movie trailers, this format helps a lot.

Now for the Adsense publishers, Google has made things very clear about their share of revenues. It will be based on Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPT), and Cost per Click (CPC) basics. Publishers will be paid only if any user click on the advertisement and gets to the landing page of the advertiser. If the users check the expanded format after clicking it then it will be counted in CPM. This should be a good step to keep those fraud clickers at bay.


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