How To Fix The Missing Browseui.dll Error In IE Browsers

If you are running a Windows XP operating system on your PC, while trying to boot or start your system, you might have sometimes noticed that the startup process stops or comes to a halt by showing an error message.

The error message notifies you that Explorer.exe is not able to locate component, as Browseui.dll could not be found and you may try reinstalling the application in order to resolve the problem.

When such an error is encountered, the computer tends to hang in the middle of the boot up process displaying a black colored background screen. Yet, if Windows is able to logon to the PC desktop, many desktop components such as Start menu, desktop icons and Taskbar go missing and are not displayed.

In order to resolve this issue in Windows XP, you need to follow the below mentioned procedure which is provided by Microsoft:

  1. You need to first restart your PC in “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”. For doing so, you need to press F8 key while booting your PC and then choose “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” option from the “Windows Advanced Options” that are displayed in the BIOS information.
    Once Windows starts, you will see “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” displayed in blue on your computer screen at the bottom.
  2. Now, Windows XP CD needs to be inserted into the CD drive.
  3. Go to the command prompt and enter the below mentioned command and press the “Enter” key in order to switch to %Windir%\System32 folder.
    cd C:\Windows\System32
    The drive might be a different one on your PC depending on where your Windows OS is been installed.
  4. Rename the existing browseui.dll to a different name by typing the below mentioned command in the command prompt followed by “Enter”.
    ren browseui.dll browseui.old
    You will get a message notifying that the file could not be found. Simply ignore it and proceed.
  5. Type in the letter of the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive and a colon (:) after it (e.g. you need to type “D:” if D drive happens to be your CD/DVD drive) and press “Enter” key.
  6. Further type in “cd i386” followed by “Enter”.
  7. Type in “expand Browseui.dl_ %Windir%\System32\Browseui.dll” followed by “Enter”. Ensure that “Browseui.dl_” and “%Windir%” are separated by a character space.
  8. You need to now restart your PC and boot it normally to check if it still shows the error message. You also need to open Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer to ensure that the error does not occur anymore.
    The error messages which are mostly shown notify that Explorer.exe needs to close due to some problem or Iexplorer.exe needs to close due to some problem
  9. If you come across such error messages, you need to click on “More Information” link which is present within the error message window and check for the “mod name”. In case, the mode name happens to be “Browseui.dll”, you need to unregister and re-register it back.
  10. For doing so, just go to Start Menu and select “Run”. Type in “Cmd” in the run command box followed by “Enter” to open Command Prompt.
  11. Switch to %Windir%\System32 folder and type in “regsvr32 browseui.dll /u” followed by “Enter”.
  12. Next, type in regsvr32 browseui.dll and press “Enter” key. After this, you have to restart your Computer.


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