MP3Cutter is a simple tool that extracts clips from a MP3 music file. This tool helps you to split large MP3 as well as WAV files into numerous smaller files. With the help of this tool you can easily extract logical parts of a long recording. Further, you can easily organize them together to form one small recording. The striking benefit of this application is that its features are extremely intuitive. You don’t have to be a qualified audio cutter to access this tool.

You can easily trim your MP3 or WAV file into numerous equal parts by just specifying the duration, number of output parts and their respective sizes. In addition, this tool has provisions for visual splitting as well. With the help of this feature you can manually set the boundaries of varied portions on a huge audio waveform. It has an inbuilt audio player as well. This player helps you to recognize and direct the right point of splitting the large audio file. The point to note is that unlike other music file cutter, MP3Cutter does not recompress your files. Thus, there is no loss of quality at all in the resultant files.

MP3Cutter has been specially designed to make your task of splitting a large audio file extremely easy. It displays you the exact start point, end point and the length of the resultant files you have selected. It has the capacity to play the selected audio clips from within the software before actually trimming them.

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