The application “Video to MP3 converter” helps you to extract the soundtrack from a video file (related post:  Recently I covered another post where I mentioned about a freeware that lets you extract a part or complete MP3 from any video) and store the same as an audio file. While the program supports large number of input formats such as FLV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, MPE, MP4, WMV, ASF, MOV and 3GP, the output format is only MP3.The conversion can be done for the entire video or a defined part of the video.

The conversion is done at different quality levels such as economy quality at 96kbps, standard quality at 128kbps, optimal quality at 192kbps and high quality at 256kbps. The required quality level can be chosen by the user with the interface which is flexible and easy to understand.

The user interface is very simple which enables quick learning. For extracting the audio from the video, you only have to add the file to the application using the browse button. You can also feed in the URL of a video file for the conversion to start. The application also supports batch jobs so that you can convert large number of files at the click of a button.

The speed at which the application performs is also very good and is on par with similar applications available on the net. The software is available for free downloading and it supports ID3 tags which helps you to add information to the converted files. It is supported in various Windows platforms.

The notable drawback is that the application supports only MP3 format at the output side which restricts the usage to a great extend.

[ Download Video to MP3 Converter ]


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