There are many public/private torrent tracker sites on the Internet that feature fast seeders, best downloadable content and super fast download speeds. However, free registration on these sites is closed for most of the time, and most of them require a special invite/invitation code for signup. And even if you are a registered user, you have to maintain a good upload/download ratio; else your account will be banned.

Many of these torrent sites have short periods of open public registration, during which anyone can sign up and register an account for free. However, more often than not, the free slots are filled up before you even get to know of the open registration period. To get around this issue, you can download the new Tracker Checker.

Tracker Checker is a utility software by Slovenian StamCar that informs you whenever a torrent tracker site opens for free registration. It offers a long list trackers and the users simply need to tick the ones they are interested in. The program then checks the selected trackers at every 2 minutes to see if it is possible to register on the chosen tracker. If an open registration is detected, a notification pops on the system tray and you can then visit the tracker site and register yourself for free. The 2-minute interval can also be adjusted to your preference.

You can download the Tracker Checker 1.2 from here, and the Tracker Checker 1.3 Beta from here. Tracker Checker version 2 offers added features such as adding of new trackers and removal of others from the default list in the program.

[Note that to run the Tracker Checker, you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 x86 or Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 x64 on your system.]

[ Download Tracker Checker ]

[ Download Latest Version ]



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