Get Tracker Checker to inform you of Free Registration on Torrent Sites

Numerous public as well as private torrent sites on the web feature superb downloading speeds, excellent content available for download and, most important of all, seeders who take their business seriously. However, most of these sites allow only paid registration and entry by invitation. Even if you manage to get in, you have to continually maintain a high upload to download ration if you wish to retain the membership.

Even then, many of these torrent sites organize short periods of free and open registration for anyone from the public. However, more often than not, the limited number of free registration slots is filled up before you even get to know of the open registration period. To get around this issue, you can download the new Tracker Checker.

Tracker Checker – released by Slovenian StamCar – is a handy tool that informs you as soon as a torrent tracker site has opened a free registration period where you don’t need an invite. It offers a long list of tracker sites and you just have to select the sites that you want to be informed about. Tracker Checker thereafter keeps on checking every one of the selected tracker sites for free registration offers. As soon as it finds that it can register on a particular tracker site, it lets you know of it via a pop-up in the system tray. Thus, you can then visit the tracker and get yourself registered for free. The 2-minute interval can also be adjusted to your preference.

You can download the Tracker Checker 1.2 from here, and the Tracker Checker 1.3 Beta from here. Tracker Checker version 2 has several improvements such as adding of new trackers and removal of others from the default list in the interface.

[Note that to run Tracker Checker, you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 x86/Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 x64 installed on your system.]



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