Every now and then when we use an ATM, we are always afraid of the person standing behind us. We hope that he is not eyeing our password as we punch it in. Recently, keeping this problem in mind a group of researchers at Stanford has devised an ingenuous scheme. It is being called the eye password, although not much information regarding has been let out, its basic method of working has.

The eye password allows the user to punch in the password using eyes only. In this the individual uses his eyes to look at numbers the numbers he looks at long enough get registered. However, there have been attempt to make this system more advanced to make sure that the system is user friendly and does not lead to harassment of the user.

This is further made more important by the fact that the eye password blocks the account after three unsuccessful try’s. the system uses an invisible radar to help the eyes focus on the digit that needs to be punched in. The track of the eyes will be transformed into a relative key-stroke. The algorithm is such to let the person make use of it with little inconvenience. The name eye password is appropriate as it is self explaining and is different from a retina scan. In a retina scan only the user can access the account but in eye password anyone can act on behalf of the holder.



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