F5 For Auto Arranging Icons And Shortcuts On Desktop Of Windows7

The desktop of Windows 7 may get messy when lots of icons, files, documents, shortcuts and applications remain scattered all over the desktop and in each and every corner of it. In order to get rid of it, select “View” then opt for the option “Auto Arrange”.

We know that normally, F5 is being used for refreshing the desktop, still if you press F5 slightly longer than usual in Windows 7, that function key will automatically rearrange the desktop. So, if you want to see your desktop neat and clean, and the icons arranged neatly, just try this trick out.

However, you’ll need to be very careful while trying to refresh your desktop with F5. Otherwise, you’ll see all new desktop with icon designs at different position, and you will wonder if some Virus or malicious program has affected the computer.


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