Going through Facebook Applications can be fun and can keep you occupied throughout the day, provided you know how to make best use of it. Anything [food/exercise/medicines] taken in the right dosage at the right time, serves the purpose, as long as it does not over cross its limits. Likewise, using Facebook sensible does have its own advantages. However, to your irritation, some of the applications keep repeating even though you have no use for them. It is therefore necessary to learn how to remove them from your profile.


Like always you begin with logging into your Facebook account, and you need to remain logged on in order to remove any applications from your profile. Now, click on the applications at the bottom of your profile where a small box will show a list of all the application in your account and the options.


Now, click on the ‘ edit’ application which will take you to another page where you can view all the applications you are currently using . Scroll down to select the ones you want to get rid of.


After sorting through the applications, click on the X on the right hand side of the page, next to Facebook Applications, that you would like to remove. Again, you will see a box which will ask you whether you are sure you want to remove the application. Say yes, and it will be removed from your profile.

You can add a Facebook Application back, even after deleting it. For that, you have to search the application page. Remember by removing an application from your Facebook, you will also delete any other saved information. It may be something really important, so before deleting, make sure of the application you want to remove.


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