Majority of us are pretty familiar with the Facebook and moreover with chunck of unwanted requests and invitations encountered when we log in each time. These application request or invitation notifications often come with two options; you can either accept them or ignore them. Many a times these invitations tend to become highly irritating and bothersome to users.

Going through the requests or invitations one by one to get rid of them is quite maddening and frustrating, especially when you log in to your Facebook account after a long time. There is a lot to be cleared. At such times, you wish there was a magic solution to clear all these absurd notifications.

IgnoreAll offers you an easy Javascript bookmarklet which allows you to clean up all senseless notifications with a click of a button. This Javascript can be easily added to favorites by visiting IgnoreAll site and following the instructions.

Now that you have added IgnoreAll to favorites/bookmarks, you can ignore all application requests in Facebook whenever you wish to. You just need to click on “IgnoreAll!” icon in favorites list which triggers ignore buttons of all nonsensical requests at once leaving behind useful invitations such as group invites, friends’ requests and event notifications.

Visit and Download ‘IgnoreAll


Facebook now has built-on ‘Clear all’ facility. Learn more how to delete facebook application requests.



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