Guess it’s time now that FaceBook starts pulling out some features from Orkut.

If you’ve used Orkut, then you definitely know how the albums work there. They look more or less like slide shows.  And now Facebook has come up with a similar feature.

By the way, how many of you remember the famous LightBox JS feature by Lokesh Dhakar, which was followed by LightBox 2, an upgraded version of LightBox JS? Those who have no idea what LightBox feature is please click on those links and experience it by yourself.

After going through Orkut’s album feature and the lightbox feature, don’t you guys think Facebook’s latest album feature is nothing but the result of cross the two: Orkut’s album and LightBox 2 ?

Personally, I do not like the way the whole thing is presented. It looks shabby to me. May be it’s just me, who is not ready to accept changes, and again may be I might start liking it in future. I’m curious to know what you guys think !!


1> How to go back to old photo viewer in Facebook.



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