Faster Copy–Paste using AutoCopy

The process of copying and pasting information is the most common process for all computer users. Researchers, students and other professionals spend a lot of their time searching contents from the net and copying them for their own respective purposes. The AutoCopy extension from Firefox will surely be of great help to them and allow them make this process simpler and faster.

AutoCopy is an extremely simple and efficient plug-in that allows you to copy modules of information and pastes them onto the clipboard. This process completely replaces the use of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Users simply need to highlight the required text they need to copy and click the mouse’s middle button. The content automatically gets copied and pasted on the clipboard.


Besides quick copying and pasting, AutoCopy allows you to access a broken web-link or a URL which is divided in two lines on a single click. On numerous occasions you might come across some links posted on websites, blogs and forums which are divided in two lines. The link wouldn’t open on clicking as it is broken. AutoCopy solves this problem by just a single mouse click. You simply need to right click on the link with the plug-in and the website opens on a new tab.

The AutoCopy plug-in doesn’t have many sophisticated features overall, but the its quick copy–paste procedure helps save time and resources. So, whenever you’re in a hurry and are looking for quite some information to be copied, then this plug-in is the feature you’re looking for.


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