Feature Of Windows 7: How To Cancel Non-Responsive Command

The major common problems of using Windows OS that the users face is the system breakdown, system freeze or unresponsive system because of the installation problem. This problem may arise due to some error-prone application and programs tools. Finishing this application might cause some undesired results that is loss of data and an unstable system. Users can go for forced ending of the present application. It will immediately end that application and will not provide users a chance for saving their data.

This common practical problem is being tackled vey wisely by Microsoft by incorporating an option which is quite interesting in Windows 7. Whenever the system recognizes a program which is unresponsive or may be an application halt, Windows 7 will allow the users for trying to cancel that non-responsive command.

Usually the conventional process is to kill it or to terminate that application, after that restart the application. For example, when the user copy and paste texts to the Microsoft Word after which the program becomes unresponsive, rather than closing down the Microsoft Word application, the users will be allowed by Windows 7 to cancel that copy and paste application. Users can continue their work with Word program as well as save data using the new feature.


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