Let’s say you were walking on street and an ‘idiot’ riding rashly hit you or your vehicle, what would you do next ?

First thing you need to do in such a situation is that you need to note down the number of the vehicle which was involved in such an accident. Once you have the number you can do a lot of things ! Walk in to the police station which falls in the jurisdiction where the accident took place and lodge a complaint against the bike owner, giving full details of how and where the accident took place.

Using the registered FIR, you can take further course of action. If you think you’d want to settle the case without any legal complications, you can talk with the police and find out details like the owner and the address of the vehicle, with the vehicle number and talk to the owner of the vehicle.I personally do not advice this, but you are the best judge of the situation and will be in a better position to take a call on what to do next.

Drive safe and let others live peacefully !

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  1. You all are really provide address of bike owner bcoz I have that vehicle number and name I want address of owner but I didn’t get that’s the reason I m asking you all is that you are providing address of vehicle owner

  2. I want the address of this Vehicle TS11ED1195 please its urgent. can send the details to 7386272988 plz it’s too urgent

  3. Sir I want details and address of car person mh14cc9819
    Plzz sir help me
    My no.8796606128 msg me on it

  4. I need a urgent information about a vehicle of odisha rourkela . vehicle no. -: OR-14-0045 . It is registered in rourkela . I need the address of this vehicle Owner . Please provide me Urgent .

  5. I want to know the address and phone number of this vehicle ap31ch3853 its urgent send me to dis number 7095060269

  6. I wanna know the bike person name adress with mobile number 9848251386 bike number is AP 28 BV 3666 full detail

  7. Hey!
    I need details for Vehicle no AP31BD1335 it’s Red Swift.I need the address of the owner.
    Would be thankful if you can Help..

  8. Please send me hero super splendour bike no. DL 6S AA 5644 original owner address
    This is very important

  9. Plz tell me Vehicle orginal Owner’s name and address , i-10 grand gold color,

  10. Hey mh43q6898 vehicle no. Gonada city black i want this vehicle no. Adress so i can complaint to police for flirtin using harsh word n lookin with bad eyes to girls plzz if u can give the adress of this vehicle no. I can easily get them caught plzzz plzzz i beg u to give the adress of this busted csr holder

  11. hai admin i need information regrading AP16BG1449 …..this hitted and run with his her …so please send me address or contact anything ..i want settle it down with bike repair because i can’t bear it

  12. we sold bike in bangalore. registration number is KA 01 EA 1877 . I want to know name changed is done in registration
    please let me know how to find name and address of party. please anyone help

  13. a new idea !
    type a msg in ur mobiles msg window
    ( vahan(space)reg no. of any vechile without space
    for e.g.
    vahan mh12ct4747
    send it to 09212357123
    soon u will recv a msg tht will give you the information like owners name,address etc

  14. Surya,

    Trying to snatch a phone is a serious offence. If you are sure about the number, please drop a complaint in the nearest police station and ensure you leave your number and collect an acknowledgement of the same.

    You’ll be doing good to the society.

    All the best,

  15. @Maggie – I’m not sure if Andra Pradesh RTO has centralized the vehicles data. Have you tried finding him on Facebook. Today most of them are there on Facebook, it should not be a difficult task at all.

  16. hey i was been searching for my love since six yrs … one i found him in d traffic but i dint a chance to poke him my tough tym worked out there i could only get his bike no as ap13q5083 cn any plz plz plz lemme know his address il b vry thankful to u till the end of my life plzzzz

  17. @Chandu – Not sure if Andra Pradesh’s RTO has centralized RC’s of all their vehicles. Unless that’s done, it’ll not be possible to find out details of any vehicles.

    The only means is to file an FIR at a police station, and they’ll help you get all details.


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