Moleskinsoft’s Clone Remover is shareware utility software that helps users to locate duplicate files and remove them from your system. All you need to do is run Clone Remover on your system, select the location that you want the search to be conducted and set file mask (optional) to limit the search to particular type in the file. By adding specifications to your search, you save much time in locating the desired duplicate file.

The result after conducting the search shows you a list of files with their duplicate files. It is up to you whether to delete or copy and paste and change its location. This software enables you to keep your hard drive clean and unpopulated. This software allows you to not only locate files with .doc format, but also place files with .mp3 and .jpeg formats.

You can conduct the search in predominantly 5 different ways. First of all, you can search for files with different titles bearing the same text. This method is also known as the search by content way. Second is the search by mp3 format. By this method you can locate duplicate mp3 files and delete them. This will help you to clear out your disk space. You may search for the mp3 files by inserting the title of the track, artist’s name, album’s name on the search bar. The other searches include, search by property, wherein you can find duplicate files by their file size; image search and zero sized file search.

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