Find out the largest Files or Folders in Windows operating system using Primitive File Size Chart

Do you intend to search out the files and folders that are occupying maximum disk space of your computer?

Instead of searching it manually, you can use simple utility software named Primitive File Size Chart which shows you list of files and folders that are consuming your disk space respectively. This application displays the list with the name of file and path of the files in the computer. So you can easily get to know in which drive this file is stored and how much space it is consuming of your hard disk.

This utility software is completely free and easy to use. Once you launch this application it will count every files and folders that are stored into your computer. The screen will be divided into two parts to show you files and folders separately.

You will get a list of files and folders including file size, and path. You can use this information to select files for backup or deletion in case you are running out of disk space. If if you feel that those bulky files of no further use to you, then it will be better to delete them rather than storing. This application is standalone software which means there is no need to install it after you download it from here .


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