Remove GoogleUpdate.exe Background Process From The System

Technically speaking, a computer can be termed to be silent mode, as something always is going on in there. There are so many events taking place, and one of processes that always runs and behind the scene is detection of updates.

To detect updates of programs installed, lots of applications make their own background processes. These processes tend to utilize the computer resource plus take up computer memory. Lots of users will presently remove or disable these unnecessary and additional processes. When you install the applications of Google such as Google Lively, Google Chrome, Google Earth and etc, the file GoogleUpdate.exe will be automatically installed.

The Google Update is a quiet background procedure and it tries to access the internet without permission and also it doesn’t give an automatic choice for users to stop it. For the users of Vista/XP, following is the step by step method to disable or remove the GoogleUpdate.exe.

  1. Most simplest way is that you can block Google Update by using any permission-based firewall, before removing it completely.
  2. To remove Google Update permanently, first go to Control Panel then Scheduled Tasks. Remove the Google Update by choosing GoogleUpdateTaskUser icon. Click on the link “delete”.
  3. After removal of the Google Update Task Scheduler Object, you have to delete GoogleUpdate.exe.
  4. Run the task manager and select GoogleUpdate.exe and End Process. Google Update may be installed as a service in other cases, in which case you will require stopping the service first previous to trying to erase the file.
  5. Next, in the Registry Editor (Click on Start go to Run then type Regedit) navigate to the following keys:
  6. In the right window, put the value which is named as “Google Update”, just right-click on it and choose Delete. Click on “Yes” to confirm the removal.


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