How To Make Sure Whether Someone Blocked You Or Is Offline Or Invisible In G-Talk

Gtalk is the best messenger ever because it has got style, class, security and everything that anyone can ask for from a messenger. Now Gtalk have many features like staying invisible, or block a person and of course staying offline.

As you read on you will find the ways of knowing of the following things

  • If0 the person you want to talk is really offline or is he in invisible mode. This is done by many users, staying in invisible mode, so as to avoid unnecessary chatting with people wasting your time and to be polite to need to reply. Thank god G-talk, and thanks a lot “Invisible mode”.
  • Now if you annoy your friends by crossing the limit, then he or she might block you from G-talk. You can know how if you kept on reading the article.
  • Now people might actually stay offline, you can check that out too.

Previously I had posted about the Gmail invisible Checker, however, the author has clarified that it does not work anymore for obvious reasons, that Google has fixed this loophole.

Check whether your friend is actually offline or invisible:

For this, all you need to do is to get a handset with GPRS system. Then you have to download gotalkmobile, it is software for your handset and it’s free. Then you have to install it and sign in with your G-talk account details.

Now is the interesting part, after you sign in, and if your friend is invisible or online, it does matter, and everyone who is online will be shown in your account. If you want you can check the offline friends too. Well getting a handset might get little expensive so there is one more way to do it.

While targeted user is online then set the chat setting with that user “off the record”. Now whenever you will send any message, if he is truly offline then an error will occur saying the person haven’t received the message, but in case the person is invisible then error will not appear.

How to Know whether Someone Blocked you or not:

To know that you need pidgin, it’s a tool for free which lets you know whether some has blocked you or not. For that you need to set up pidgin with G-talk

First you have to download Pidgin and install it. Then click on accounts then manage and then add. In the new Add Accounts window, a drop down menu will appear and from that select the protocol as XMPP. Put your Gmail Id in screen name, select Home in resource field. In password space put your Gmail Password. Nickname can be of your choice. That’s it, half of your work is done and the other half is left.

After you log in to G-talk with your details on pidgin, go to buddies. Then check out the offline buddies because if anyone blocked you then you will find them offline. Select ‘Get Info’ for any contact list, and if he or she had blocked you, then you can’t see their full profile, and neither their profile name.


  1. like the invisibility checker u mentioned above,i need for facebook alsooooooo, can u please tell me how can i find my friends who kept offline in facebook when they are online


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