Predict Crowd Movement Using GPS Mobile Device

Global Positioning System (GPS) mobile devices will soon become a very useful and powerful tool as far as businessmen are concerned. GPS mobile devices now posses the ability of predicting crowd movement which would eventually help a businessman to check the collected data and decide on the best location for setting up his business.

A New York Software based company “Sense Networks” has revealed a new tool, named Macrosense which can help attain crowd movement prediction using GPS mobile devices. Macrosense, with the help of its sophisticated analytical algorithm, predicts and recommends the best and strategic location on the basis of positioning data which is collected periodically.

Macrosense also offers hints about the potential competitors in the surrounding areas along with data of their origination. As per a paper published recently, the summary of 100,000 data sets which were collected using GPS devices indicated that a majority of the public follow predictable routines.

Though this tool seems to be quite beneficial and valuable, it requires a huge participation by mobile service subscribers. Also, some people might not support it due to privacy concern. To take care of this, Sense Networks has come up with another service known as “Citysense” which tracks the interesting destination to which majority of people are heading at a particular time.

Citysense helps you check the real-time activity level of a city, places with unpredictably high activity and peak activity hotspots. With Citysense, you don’t need to search as it senses the highly popular places depending on the real-time activity level and displays it in a live map.

Moreover, technology convergence of incorporating GPS capabilities into cellular devices which are receptive to base station may enable service providers to track a particular mobile phone (with no GPS) subscriber at any point of time by mapping base station and GPS information.

We can expect additional models to be available in the market, once the Global Positioning System usage becomes more frequent and common.


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