Firefox Add-On Providing Check4Change for Monitoring Updates in the Websites

From the name itself we can easily assume that Check4Change will monitor all the changes taking place on the websites for a specific period of time which will be mentioned by the users. They can save all hassles of having to manually do the refreshing job all the time, especially if they expect changes in the websites that are opened by them.

After download and installing it, you have to restart the browser of Firefox browsers so that it takes effect. After completing it, you have to open that website and choose the particular text which you are intending to monitor, which is followed by right click in that page and it will bring menu for selection.

Then scroll to Check4Change. The users may choose particular period on which the system may prompt for change in text (if required). After detecting the change in text, there will a notification of pop-up alert, with sound in background. You can also use features like Tab Animation and others which are totally configurable, based on user’s own preferences.

Bear in mind that it works only in opened Tabs, so the user may not be able to monitor those websites constantly, unless of course they keep those websites opened a door times. However, it definitely is better than the manual refresh on the already opened tabs.


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