Firefox Add-On: Reset The Passwords For Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Due to the recent advancement of internet technology, it is not at all surprising that everyone is having more than ten accounts for fulfilling various applications such as, FaceBook, Skype, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows login, Internet banking, Internet access login, online shopping, etc.

To remember all the user IDs with passwords for so many accounts is a tough job. That person need to be so much disciplined to do that. He can save the entire list of user IDs along with passwords in a particular secure place in order to refer them anytime he wants to.

After understanding this common behavior of internet users nowadays, Mozilla Firefox has given the option of ‘Mass Password Reset’. This allows people to reset passwords of multiple accounts simultaneously.

The Mass Password Reset Firefox – another add-on from Firefox helps users to change their password of multiple accounts at the same time. You can reset the account passwords if they are of the same id simultaneously rather going into each and every websites and alter the passwords manually one after another. This tool so designed that it will let you change the passwords which is based on domain.

If you want to increase the protection for using this feature, Mozilla Firefox lets you make a master password in order to approach Mass Password Reset option which is optional. Anyone can download and use this add-on their PC. That person should have the knowledge of the master password, or otherwise he won’t be able to reset passwords.



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