Firefox Add-On: Web Surfing Can Be Done By Mouseless Browsing By Using Keyboard

You may find yourself interested in this simple add-on of Firefox, if you give more preference to keyboard typing rather than mouse browsing. It is named as the Mouseless Browsing v0.5.1, which indexes all of your hyperlink links as well as text boxes in the websites that allow the users to control their browsing by tapping on keyboard buttons.

When the user is using it for the first time, they could get quite confused with the numeric indicator that appears beside the links which are clickable as well as the text boxes. However, after getting used to it, the user will appreciate it especially when they can get rid of the repeatedly knocking on ‘Tab’ button.

All you have to do is that just identify the hyperlink that is intended by the right index number, after that go for Ctrl + the  numeric key in order to bring that cursor to the respective positions. After the installation of the add-on is over, the users will have to restart that Firefox browser in order to be able to use the new features. However, the users needn’t worry if you are in the middle of browsing, because it will restore the previous websites to be opened after the restart.

For ensuring better quality release, the developer welcomes the feedback from all the testers, and in return each of them will get information whenever there is a latest version released and available for download to the users. Users can download Add-on Mouseless Browsing.


  1. @Tekkos – Most often the add-ons will not be upgraded to latest Beta unless it’s announced stable. It takes a while before Add-ons are upgraded.

    I’m on Firefox 3.6.15, and this plugin works fine for me. You can probably download the same version, install it after uninstalling Firefox 4.0. You can download older version of Firefox from here:


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