Easy Yahoo Mail options on Firefox3

Firefox3 and Yahoo Mail have together launched a new application that allows one to connect to all the mail options of Yahoo! Mail through Firefox3. This new added feature allows the user to send and receive mails while connected to Firefox3.

This feature acts by default when one clicks on a URL link or an email address that begins with mailto: protocol. These can be either email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, or Outlook Express which will allow users to create and send emails to that specific recipient.

Mailing to recipients was never so easy. If one has Yahoo! Mail as their default email client and wants Yahoo! Mail to handle all the mailto: protocol, then they can automate the whole process of composing the email and sending it via Yahoo! Mail.

Firefox3 has some easy to follow steps to activate this feature so that the user can link it with Yahoo. One can call this feature also a built in integration.

The steps involved are: Go to Tools –> select Option –> Click on the Application icon –>  Locate and highlight the mailto Content Type by clicking on it –> from the drop down box select Use Yahoo! Mail, and click OK.

After this setting whenever the user clicks any mailto: link, the email address gets automatically entered in the ‘To’ Field in the Yahoo! Mail account compose box. The user will however need to log in before accessing this feature. This attribute is also compatible with Gmail.

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