Use FirePasswordViewer Easily Decrypt And Hack Log On Password Saved In Firefox Browser

For the sake of convenience, we mostly tend to save or store our login details like user id and password for some forum, email account, websites and etc in the browser. All this saved data gets stored inside the sign-on database file into the encrypted format. This saved user id and password automatically gets entered when you try to login for the second time for specific websites or email accounts. However, mostly saving the log in details of websites or email accounts into the browser turns out to be high security risk for you.

Your private information or data may leak in some situations, for example, if you miss your laptop or if it gets stolen, the third person may misuse your data. To keep your data rally private, you should share your computer system. However, if your FireFox stops working and you forget your log in details, then it will create a quite problematic situation to you. Now, you could easily decrypt or recover your user id and password details which are saved in your Firefox browser. To do so, a very handy and tiny tool “FirePasswordViewer” will reduce your job greatly.

You will find the FirePasswordViewer in GUI version which is developed from the popular FirePassword tool. The tool is especially designed to recover or decrypt your entire log in details stored in the Firefox. It is a tiny executable application which displays the list of the user ids and passwords that are stored in the Firefox browser. For recovering your log n details you don’t have to run your Firefox browser.

In addition, the FirePasswordViewer could be also used to view log in credentials of various profiles (excluding your current profile). You could see all the profiles other than your current profile with different OS such as Mac, Linux and etc. All in all, the main motive of using the FirePasswordViewer is to recover or decrypt sign-on details saved in the Firefox browser. You will find it more useful when your Firefox browser has been disabled or stopped working and you have to extract all your saved passwords from your browser right away.

On the other hand, people with bad purposes may use this application and copy your entire log in data in Firefox browser. They may run this program and obtains the encrypted file of your private sign-on data which they intentionally want. This utility has a special facility with which user can save and then display the log in data into the standard HTML file format. This file could be easily copied or viewed to other place.

Besides, for avoiding the pointless safety hazards and the risk of saved log in database being uncovered, Firefox has a pretty good feature with which you could protect your files with a “Master Password”. It is better to set unique master password to your FireFox. To do so, go to “Tools” then go to “Options”, select “Security / Passwords” and then select to set “Use a master password”. You have to set the master password manually because by default it is not selected. The “Master Password” offers more safety by avoiding others accessing FirePasswordViewer without exact master password. Use the following link to download FirePasswordViewer version 1.2.2.


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