Fix error code: 0xC004F061 Activation Error for Windows 7

When Windows 7 is activated, many people face an activation error code 0xC004F061. This error code indicates that Windows 7 product key is used for upgrading on such a machine where previous version was not installed.

The upgrading activation code or product key is only used when you want to update the Windows from Windows Vista or XP to Windows 7. In case you don’t have any previous installed Windows and you are trying to use the product key for upgrading, then you will be provided with an error code 0xC004F061.


In order to use the product key you need to have earlier version of Windows. Never uninstall or format the drive before using the product key. You have to install the earlier version of Windows to upgrade the Windows to Windows 7 in case you have uninstalled the drive before upgrading.


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