Fix Gadgets Not Functioning Or Showing While UAC Is Disabled With Windows 7 Beta OS

While the User Account Control or UAC within Windows 7 Beta remains disabled or if it is set to ‘no notify‘, then the gadgets will stop working. There is a solution which will allow many gadgets which are to be used that are on desktop after UAC is in the disabled condition.

Just follow the simple steps that are mentioned below in order to execute the hack:

You have to close all the gadgets that are present on desktop.

Just take the ownership as well as give total control permissions to the Administrators user group for the following files: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder:

  • settings.ini
  • sidebar.exe

Inside the folder of en-US:

  • sbdrop.dll.mui
  • Sidebar.exe.mui

Make a backup and rename those 4 files those are listed above.

Then download the

After performing the extract and copy those contents present in ZIP file into their respective folders: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder, thus overwriting and replacing the existing files if at all applicable.

Lastly re-add gadgets on desktop.

While using Windows Sidebar when the operating system is Windows Vista, the sidebar bar can be seen on the left/right side of your desktop as seen commonly in Windows Vista. Those users who want to have everything that relates to Windows 7 may try to use modules from Windows Sidebar in Windows 7 instead. However, it did not seem to work while we were testing it out.


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