Fix Invalid Credentials Error Massage In Gmail IMAP

When you access the Gmail using IMAP access and via an email client along with Apple Mail, iPhone, Outlook and Thunderbird you will be greeted with the error message. This error massage requests you to enter the user name and password manually once again to validate through Google’s Gmail IMAP server again. The error massage will be prompted as

Your IMAP server wishes to alert you to the following: Invalid credentials (Failure)

This error massage seems like a Gmail security system to defend against some automatic scripts, and most likely to prevent and stop irregular bandwidth deployment (download and upload) or misusing the account actions. For example, preventing the use of Gmail like a storage-space, or transferring other mail account toward Gmail.

Gmail Help provides instruction to a mail client for verifying latest messages one time in every 10 minutes. This could also be one of the reasons for the error message to pop out.

If you’re extremely confident that you are utilizing an accurate username and password (using the prefix following the user name), and if you do not check Gmail’s webmail Inbox more often, you might really want to unlock and clear the CAPTCHA. To unlock and clear CAPTCHA intended for Gmail account, just follow the URL given below:

Note: If you are using Google Apps, you should visit instead, with as the valid domain name.

Enter the email address, password on behalf of the Gmail address, after that enter the exact Captcha confirmation. Hit on “Unlock” option to repair the IMAP breakdown error massage.

If you still face the difficulty after unlocking and clearing the Captcha, you might want to make use of a substitute IMAP server in its place, which is on SSL port 993.


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