Troubleshooting Steps to Easily Resolve the Wireless Internet Disconnections

It was really very frustrating, when all of sudden my wireless Internet connection started disconnecting intermittently, and I was able to reconnect only after restarting the router. I knew that this practice could not go on for long, and with a little searching here and there, I got to the bottom of the issue.

If you are facing issues with your wireless Internet getting disconnected every now and then, I would like to share with you one troubleshooting steps, which could help you and resolve your issue more often than not.

A couple of top reasons why your wireless Internet gets constantly disconnected, could be if your router driver is corrupted or outdated, or it could also be due to the malfunctioning of the wireless network card driver.

Normally if your router is old, and if you have not updated the drivers after installation, Internet disconnection problems could arise. You should be able to easily acquire the driver installation files from the official website of your router manufacturing company, and update it on your computer.

Secondly, you will need to find the source to download the most updated version of your wireless card drivers. You will first need to visit the official website of your computer makers and navigate to the drivers section.

Under the driver section, you’ll need to look for networking drivers. Once you reach this section, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the wireless drivers. There could be a list of drivers from where you will need to identify the one which is appropriate for your computer.

Note: Read this post, if you are not sure which wireless card is installed on your laptop / computer.

Once you know which wireless card you have on your system, just go to the manufacturer’s website and download that appropriate driver. Normally the wireless drivers will be named with the suffix of Wireless. For example, the name of the drivers could be something like ‘Dell Wireless’ or ‘Intel Pro Wireless’, depending upon your computer brand.

After installing the new driver, your computer will prompt you to restart the system, and you will need to comply with that request. Once you restart your computer, you will find an amazing change in the stability of your Internet network.

I hope this article have been of help to you, if you are experiencing the wireless network disconnection issues. Please feel free to write to me, if you wish to discuss on anything concerning the routers and wireless cards.

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