Folder Vanity Remover deletes all empty folders in your system

Sometimes we delete the entire things from a folder and we leave that empty folder as it is. As time passes by, in our system we store loads of empty folder. Though empty folders takes almost negligible space in our hard disk, still it makes the navigation process time consuming and very complicated.

It’s not at all easy to find the empty folders and delete them one by one manually. For this we need a third party tool to clean the empty folders for us. One of the best empty folder removers is Folder Vanity Remover. It is a freeware which cleans all empty folder from our system automatically.


Now as it removes the empty folders permanently, it makes lots of space in hard disk which was used up unnecessarily. It makes the system work faster than before. The user interface is very friendly and one of the biggest advantages of this tool is that you don’t have to install the file before using it because it is a self executing file.

All you need to do is to select a drive and start scanning and then allow the tool to delete all the empty folders.


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