Forcefully Prevent The G-Mail Spam Filter From Functioning

As we know, Gmail or Google Mail service is one the best web mail services, as it has been provided with a fabulous spam filter. This spam filter has the capacity to completely scan the incoming emails and move the spam-tagged mail messages to the Spam folder. All spam-tagged emails in this folder are deleted automatically after 30 days, trimmed and cleaned as of the mailbox.

However, there is a possibility that the legal emails would be marked as bulk or spam, and they are moved to Spam folder because the spam filter assumed that they were Spans. While using the Gmail web mail service, this performance completely acceptable since user may constantly check Spam folder to verify and look at emails labeled as spam automatically inside the Spam folder. If there is any non-spam email will be discovered, just by clicking on “Not Spam” option, the email will restored in the Inbox automatically.

However, the user will have to face an issue while downloading the email from Gmail server via free IMAP or POP3 access by means of Microsoft Outlook (desktop email client) or the Mozilla Thunderbird.

In general, email present in the Spam folder can not be downloaded whilst the email client is downloading the received emails using IMAP or POP3 protocol. It is highly recommended you to check the Gmail account by using the web interface and check the Spam folder in any case once in 30 days. If you fail to check spam folders in every 30 days, you will lose a legal email that been labeled and treated mistakenly as spam.

Gmail doesn’t categorize emails received from the senders as spam, if their email address has been enlisted in your contact list. On the other hand, in order to add up contacts to Gmail, one still needs to log in. additionally, the user perhaps we’ll have to enter a large numbers of email addresses for families, friends, buddies and business contacts that are ever growing, so as not to miss a single mail they send.

The greatest workaround intended for users who don’t utilize the Gmail and only make use of Microsoft Outlook for downloading emails via IMAP or POP3 is to stop or turn off function of spam filtering in Gmail. The Gmail doesn’t permit you to turn off the spam filter. Hence for stopping the spam filter, a special workaround should be utilized.

Gmail supports the filter function to categorize the incoming mail according to the rules that you create. The filter may be formed so as to force every one email received to stay in Inbox (which can then be downloaded by means of POP3 or IMAP). To make a filter to put out the spam filtering or to disable spam filter in Gmail, just click on link “Create a filter” next to the search box (otherwise go to Settings and Filters and then Create a filter).

In Has words: text box, you have to put anyone of the following expressions:

in:spam or is:spam or label:spam

Go to the Next Step, and then click on OK button. Check the checkbox intended for not sending it toward Spamr. Just click on “Create Filter” button to stop and turn off Gmail spam filter along with instant result.


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