Free Airtel Internet Service On Cell Phones / Mobile Phones in India

In this article we’ll discuss about Airtel GPRS and Aitel Live settings on your cell phone / mobile phone.

Airtel offers you two Internet related services – Airtel GPRS (which is a paid service) and Airtel Live (a free service, which mostly will be pre-activated). If Airtel Live service is not activated by default, you can call up customer care at 121 and request them to activate the service. It takes from 24 – 72 hrs for the service to get activated.

While Airtel GPRS comes with no restrictions on browsing what so ever, Airtel Live service restricts your usage to only a few, free sites – you get what you pay for !

Once your done with setting AirTel live on your phone, download mobile web-browser Tea-shark from TeaShark Official site.

If you are prompted for GPRS settings, then set AirTel live settings details. You should be ready to roll out. To ensure you are not loosing out on your balance, just check you balance at regular interval.

Relevant read: Thilak has written in more detail. It’s a must read.

This trick has mixed results. It’s worked for a few and hasn’t for some. Let us know your experience if you happened to try this trick.

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