If you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your system, there’s no reason for you to worry. You can use Solodox as an alternative for word processor. Not just an alternative for word processor but it can used be as a free Project Management Software or even a free Collaboration Software.

Solodox is a free online word processor that allows users to draft, access and store documents online and further share it with friends and colleagues. Solodox is immensely used as an excellent project management application which can help users to create project documents with utmost precision. It provides an interface similar to that of Microsoft project, wherein the users can easily add tasks in an interface similar to that of Excel and constantly keep a check on the progress in a calendar structured view.

Solodox can only be accessed via the browser of Internet Explorer. In fact, people who work on Solodox often feel the same functionalities as that of Microsoft Explorer. In Solodox as well you would find the list of documents on the right side of the browser, tags on the left side and navigation bar at the top.

In Solodox, each file that you draft gets saved with a particular icon so that you can easily distinguish and comprehend the format of the file. Solodox also gives the advantage of editing the text in the files in multiple languages, including, Japanese, Chinese and English. Word processor, today, by all fair means, a thriving competition to Zoho writer and Google docs as it can easily save and further export the documents online to friends. You can also conveniently publish the documents on your website or blog. While working on a document using Solodox, you can easily select the pen icon that reflects next to the paragraph being drafted.

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  1. You can also try RationalPlan for project management. It is just so easy to use… a good alternative to MS Project.

  2. This is strange. How a word processor canbe used for project management. I can imagine editing one document collaboratively, but how can you build a real project plan in a word processor? I think tools like Liquid Planner or Wrike will do a better job here. I personally like Wrike, as it allows to drag and drop items on a gantt chart.


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