Working with Amic Email Backup

The Amic Email Backup application is freely available for creating easy backup of all the emails in your account. This is a highly efficient and easy to use tool even for data other than text emails, and it also creates backup for setting, address book, contents, news accounts, blocked senders list, message rules, and your signatures.

The backup is created as compressed backup files which makes it easy to store the backup anywhere in your computer. This amazing tool is compatible with all popular email clients like Eudora, Outlook Express, MS Outlook, IncrediMail, PocoMail, and Netscape Messenger.

When creating the backup, Amic Email Backup provides two modes to select from, namely the Wizard Mode, and the Standard Mode. There is also an auto scheduling period in this application, which allows it to automatically create backup of any new update after a certain period.

The installation of this tool is easy and has a step by step guide. To start the installation you have to open the AmicEmailBackupSetup.exe and follow the step by step instructions.

[Direct download link]


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