For all the Mac users, there is a piece of good news as a brand new software called the Tiger Launch is now available in the market which will provide the users of Mac with maximum flexibility so that they can enjoy the utility of the systems in an easy manner.

This software is basically an application launcher software, which once installed will display all the applications that are installed in the system at the top in alphabetical order. It will help in easy and hassle free launching of any application that the user is willing to use on the system.

Sometime it happens that the user is not aware of certain applications which are installed in their computer and they download it over and over again resulting in unnecessary usage of the hard disk and also making the system slow functioning. But this software will enlist all the applications already installed in the system, be it new or old.

It also helps preventing the dock getting cluttered resulting in problem for the user. It keeps the dock clean and also helps the user to launch certain applications which are installed many years ago and are stored in any subfolder. It’s great software which helps the user to take full advantage of the system and also keeping the system simple and easy to use.

It can be installed in a computer which is having the Mac X operating system or any later version of Mac. This software is now available online from where the user can download it easily and make life easier.

[ Download TigerLaunch ]


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