My Exposé: The tiny application that makes your Vista PC look like a Mac

Do you secretly envy the cool look and style of the desktop of your friend’s Mac? When you come home to your age-old, typical Windows XP or Vista desktop, they might look drab compared to the jazzy taskbar, and application browser of the Mac. Moreover, it might be a long time before you finally decide to dump your PC and go for a Mac. Well, there is good news for you – you can simply use My Exposé, a desktop tweak that renders your Windows desktop to look more like a Mac than anything else.

My Exposé has been designed as a small and light tool that mimics the application browser and desktop styles of the Mac. This tool first carries out registry changes and then builds up a Mac-like environment by tweaking with the system’s settings at the registry level. Exposé is the name given to application browser – and My Exposé is just one of a series of mimics that are available out there, that bring the Mac feel right to your Windows desktop.

Some of the features include one-key browsing through opened windows – which is a relief after years of using Alt +Tab to go through the different opened windows. Other advantages of My Exposé are that it is minimal – building up on Vista’s Aero Interface – and uses only about 50MB of memory. It is also perhaps the smoothest Exposé imitator thus far.

However, it does have a few snags – first of which is that it does not support Windows XP. Plus, it has a few critical issues such as customizability that needs to be attended to. At the end of the day, it goes without saying that My Exposé is just a mimic – and does not nearly come as close to the real thing. It would in fact be wrong to expect this, as Exposé is a look that has been specially designed to fit in with the Mac hardware. Windows systems have an entirely different philosophy of design – and hence there is bound to be friction if you want to imitate one on the other.

[ Download My Expose ]


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